Musical Rest

In all styles of music, the musical rest is a space when musicians stop playing for a brief period. The rest (silence) grabs the listener’s attention and sets the melody and rhythm. In the same way, when we stop amid our busy lives, we can access the deep, natural silence within us.     

“Silence is often powerful, and this is definitely the case in music. Having moments of silence within a piece of music adds depth, and helps to bring the music to life.” - Susan and Jonathon Seaton of 

Many spiritual teachers refer to this silence as awareness or presence. Some say it is God within us and the essence of who we are. It is not an empty void and not just the absence of sound. It is an aliveness, a peace that remains no matter the circumstances, a radiating Love. 

Musical Rest is a gathering guided by Marie McGilvray, who shares her contemplative songs around moments of silence. She invites guests to immerse themselves in meditative listening and settle into the heart of stillness. The gatherings typically last 45-60 minutes, and no previous meditation experience is required.  


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